Real People... Real Stories... Unreal Endings.

Welcome to Paranormal Matrix. Katie Cook hosts as a team of investigators explores the unfamiliar and the unsettling.. the strange and the unexplained. We uncover unexplained events through extraordinary first-person accounts and take viewers to a place beyond our realm.

Enter Paranormal Matrix as we uncover the latest paranormal events, illuminate new evidence of government intervention and secrecy and take viewers to a place that may link our world with worlds beyond our realm.

Powerful, persuasive, improbable and unnerving… but always provocative. Truth may be stranger than fiction. Paranormal Matrix may be stranger than both.

Paranormal Matrix is actively seeking Distribution/Syndication sources to secure a network broadcast or Internet TV agreement.

Our brand is unique.  Paranormal Matrix targets Real People...with Real Stories... and Unreal Endings.  In addition to the episodes on our site,  we're actively producing more segments of compelling stories for future programs.

Each story is produced with a modular mindset- meaning the host intros are fully changeable and can be assembled into new episodes in any order. Paranormal Matrix is powered by Spectrum Video & Film, an award-winning production company with an unbelievable cadre of talent and 25 successful years in business.

We're looking for a Distribution/Syndication partner to match the high caliber of our production and creative team.  Give us a call at 602-889-0988 or email us at We're waiting to hear from you.


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